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About Commercial Roofer San Antonio

Commercial Roofers San Antonio while being relatively new to the market has behind the company, more than 50 years of cumulative experience backing the company.

From the founder, Chuck to all the employees who have extensive experience in the roofing sector having previously worked for a number of large roofing companies around the country

The founding of Commercial Roofer San Antonio was the culmination of the founder’s dream of running his own company in the best way he knows how with a dedicated, loyal and experienced roofing crew backing him up

Chuck Ames

Owner / Cofounder










Vintage roofing brings back he old world charm with it’s warmth and durability but also brings with it it’s challenges since they tend to be older and hence more fragile than more modern roofing materials.

Metal Roof Support Struts


roofing support structures are critical in holding up theĀ  roof 24/7/365 through many different conditions from gentle days with sunshine and little wind to withstanding storms so they form part of the critical foundations for a good roof


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Majority of houses come with classical roofs with no crazy design and these of course are the easiest to work with just by them being popular and in abundence

solar panel roof


With the advancement made in solar panels and dropping cost, many homeowners now opt for solar panels on their roofs to harness the power of the sun to power their homes. We can help you do that!


Modern residential roofing serves more than being functional in keeping the house occupants sheltered from the elements but also serves a secondary ascetic appeal.

Our Team

Jim Charles
Project Manager
Jim has worked in the construction and roofing business since leaving high school and has gained tremendous amounts of experience in this industry. Known for his attention to detail and thoroughness of his work, he is second to none when it comes to managing any roofing job.

Chuck Ames
As the owner / founder of the company, Chuck brings with him his extensive range of skills and experience and passion for the business.
Having worked his way up in the industry, Chuck knows almost everything there is to know to know about the roofing industry

Bill Sayer
Roofing Specialist
Bill though young, has already amassed quite a number of years in the business and gained valuable experience and skills from a number of highly skilled roofers since he came into the industry.

Highly recommended, this team had my remodel with a brand new roof done in record time. If I were to do it again, I would choose the same crew asap.

Philip Jackson
Home Owner
I can’t say enough good things about these guys from Commercial Roofer San Antonio LLC , they run a great crew and do incredible work!

Jane Black
Home Owner
They were quick in quoting and very efficient when doing my roof. Best thing was that they were always on time. Great service and reasonably priced. Would not hesitate to recommend them at all!

Tom Schroeder
Home Owner

Why Choose Us

With more than 50 years of cumulative experience, they is no one better to turn to for your roofing needs


Roofs which are subject to extreme weather conditions and even storms need to be checked and inspected periodically to ensure they are still in good working condition as well as to identify potential issues and take the appropriate actions to preserve the integrity of the roof


As in all things, roofs are also subject to wear and tear and as such, will need the occasional repair once problems has been identified.

That is where the experience and expertise of Commercial Roofer San Antonio LLC will come to the foreĀ